We teach creators to bring ethics, peace, and respect to technology products.

What We Do

Education for Public

The public feel something is wrong with today's technology, but they don't know what they can do or why they should seek change.  Our group will host events, share content, and talk with the general public on the importance of technology that respects people.

Education for Employees

Employees can learn how to recognize opportunities and detractors of humane design. Our group can share case studies, frameworks, and tools to empower employees to build technology that respects people.

Innovation Leadership

Companies are becoming more and more tech-centric and less human-centric. As innovation leaders, we can bring the tools and thought leadership to help companies move toward respectful technology.

Our Why

People matter more than engagement, data, and downloads. Our mission is to help people, inside and outside of companies, build humane technology that respects people and brings them peace.

Our Leadership 

Kevin Web Page is the Founder & Director of Ethical Tech World. Page promotes humane responsible innovation through conferences and other mediums. To learn more about Page, visit his website.
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